Assessments with children

  • What is the behaviour problem?
  • Why is the problem continuing to occur?
  • What is the best treatment for the problem?

Healing for children

Children are often helpless in their situation and can therefore experience overwhelming feelings of anxiety and fear. These feelings can manifest in all different kinds of anti-social behaviour. Through the therapeutic use of play, children are given the opportunity to express their feelings naturally, in a save environment, thus enabling a healing process to begin.

Parental guidance

There is a growing need by parents to gain information, tools and resources on coping with the various demands of parenting their children. To empower and educate parents are crucial for the child's journey to adulthood.


Dr. Yolande Vivier has been in private practice since 2005, focusing specifically on the young child (3 -12 years) with emotional and behaviour problems. She has provided parental guidance in many instances. Her guidance focuses on how the parent can assist in the child's healing process by offering information and understanding.

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